There is a difference between change and transition. Change is what appears on the outside of our life, a change of address perhaps. Transition is what we experience on the inside. Transition is the lengthy process which begins before, and continues after, the change is evident. It involves anticipating, considering, trying on, letting go, re-considering, learning, accommodating. It can be complicated, even messy. 

It may help to understand transition as naturally consisting of 3 parts: an ending, an in-between, and a beginning – but not always in this neat order.

The ending is multi-faceted. We are not prepared for the complexity, both practically, cognitively, and emotionally as we disentangle ourselves from the tasks, relationships, and identity of what has been.

The in-between time can be an uncomfortable time of feeling both empty and overwhelmed. At its best, this is a time for reflection and an opportunity to come home to oneself.

The new beginning is about eagerly, hesitatingly, hopefully beginning our new life.

In what area of your life are you experiencing transition?
What is it time to let go of?

What inkling of something new is waiting for your attention?

What help could you use?
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