Stress damage becomes obvious when it affects our health, our relationships, or our leadership decisions. Stress resilience is recovered through self-awareness and learning new ways to respond to stress from the inside out.

The disruption and losses associated with COVID-19 had an impact on all of us. However, the effects of this stress have been particular to each one of us. It is as unique individuals that we experience and respond to the stresses in our lives.

What is the most significant source of stress for you? How does stress affect you? How have you traditionally coped with stress? What is working for you; what is not working? Where is your support?

With a commitment to awareness, learning and practice, we can recover from and prevent stress damage. We need not change what is stressing us; we need only to practice new ways to respond to it.

The coaching relationship provides a partnership in place of isolation. Coaching conversations: affirm your strengths and sources of resilience; provide clarity on the causes and effects of your stress; and support you as you choose, learn, and practice new ways of responding to stress from the inside out.

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