When we still our mind, listen to our heart, and allow intuition to guide us, it is possible to find a wisdom and love to nourish our spirits through difficult times.

“When you take the time to draw on your listening-imagination, you will begin to hear this gentle voice at the heart of your life. It is deeper and surer than all the other voices of disappointment, unease, self-criticism and bleakness… It is always there and the more deeply you learn to listen, the greater surprises and discoveries that will unfold.” (John O’Donohue, excerpt p.77 from his book Beauty: The Invisible Embrace)

What route takes you home to the gentle voice at the heart of your life?

Sometimes, we are brought home by an encounter with nature or music that awakens us to beauty – and takes our breath away.

Maybe, we are brought home by values, memories or relationships that give us roots — roots for hanging on in this blustery time, or roots for drawing from deep resources in this desert time.

Perhaps, we are brought home by a spiritual practice, a designated time and way to stop, look, and listen before crossing into the next hour of our day, or day of our week. What forgotten practice has sustained you in the past?

Today, listen and pay attention to when you feel most alive and at one with yourself, others, Love, and the universe.

As your coach, it would be my privilege to be your companion in listening and discerning. I invite you to contact me.