Through 3 years of pandemic, we lived with loss. On any given day, each of us may be poignantly aware of a particular loss — a person, a community, health, work, income, time, opportunity, safety.

In the absence of traditional ways to support each other, we sought understanding and confidence to grieve our own losses and to be a compassionate, if physically distant, companion to others. Then, we gathered for delayed memorial services. Now, we seek to recreate our lives.

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss of any kind. A loss may be overwhelming; or a loss may be unacknowledged when it happens, enveloped in circumstances which propel us forward. 

How we grieve is unique to each person and each loss. Grieving any loss requires head and heart. We seek both correct information about the nature of grief and respectful support for our personal experience. 

When we have endured the loss of a relationship to a person, place, or work, which gave us meaning and identity, we ourselves can feel lost.

How is loss affecting you – your health, your work, your relationships?

As your coach, I will listen. I’ll assist you to identify the strengths you have and the resources you need, and I’ll accompany you as you explore options, make choices, and take steps to both honour your loss and renew your life.

I invite you to contact me.