Each day, we begin again to live our values and purpose in our relationships and activities. Then, we are affected by unfolding events in the world around us and our day gets complicated. 

Amid global and personal upheaval and uncertainty:
What gives you energy? What drains your energy?
What are your significant commitments? What are the distractions?
What personal strengths have surprised you? What do you lack? How are you coping?

Each of us came into this extraordinary time from a unique point in our own life. We may not know whether we will, or want to, return to what we left. We may be challenged to live in an in-between season.

We can create daily lives which are less difficult and reflect what is dear to our hearts. What is inspiring and sustaining your daily life? What have you found to be the most important practice to schedule into your day? Do you have the support you need to do this?

A coach is focused on you – on deeply listening to your hopes, intentions, and challenges. Coaching conversations offer insight and accompaniment as you create a daily life that works for you, for now.

I invite you to contact me.