Sometimes, we are surprised at the emergence of conflict.

In this pandemic environment, a difference in regard for safe practices and ethical conduct can feel like betrayal. Important relationships, as well as personal safety, are threatened.

At the same time, the conflicts which we managed as a normal part of life prior to 2020 may now seem more significant and demanding of more energy.

It is important to affirm that the presence of conflict is not an indication of failure, and that we have choices as to how to respond to conflict — combat being only one of those choices and often not the best one. 

We can expand our skills and our choices for managing conflict by learning about the nature of conflict and by gaining insight into ourselves.

A coaching conversation can be a safe place to talk over a particular conflict, to share your concerns, gain perspective, identify and evaluate options, and plan a way forward.

How are you being affected by conflict? How do you usually respond to conflict? What choices do you have now? What help do you need?

I invite you to contact me for a conversation about navigating conflict in your life in these difficult times.