The coaching relationship provides a resourceful partnership which assists a person to explore and tend areas of their life or leadership they wish to change or grow.

There are many starting points for coaching. In these pandemic times, your goal may be to recover a daily life that works for you.  Or you may be seeking to define a purpose or create a spiritual practice to sustain you. Your most immediate need may be to cope with loss or to learn stress resilience. You may be challenged by a leadership role with the responsibility to safely guide others through this pandemic time. You may be at a crossroads with difficult decisions to make.

Coaching conversations are present and future oriented. They focus on asking good questions rather than giving answers. When we’re asked a good question, we often discover that we know what we didn’t know we knew. Unexpectedly, we see a possibility and feel a new confidence.

As your coach, I listen to your hopes, affirm your values, and build with you on your strengths. I encourage your wisdom to create steps forward and I accompany you through the obstacles.

You choose your focus, explore the questions, and create options. You decide on an action, experiment, evaluate, and move ahead with a partner focused on you.

The coaching relationship is ours to design. Frequency and length of coaching conversations are arranged between us at a pace which fits your purpose, schedule, and budget. Meetings are by telephone or video conference.

For more information about coaching, please see Frequently Asked Questions or contact me.