Finding Oneself in Extraordinary Times: Coaching and Resources for Our Life and Leadership


Young plant in hands of two people illustrating life coaching

The coaching relationship provides a resourceful partnership which assists a person to explore and tend areas of their life or leadership they wish to change or grow. There are many starting points for coaching. In these pandemic times, your goal...

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Home office: laptop, book, flowers in sunlight

We don’t have to do this alone. Sharing books which have inspired and informed has long been one of life’s great pleasures. And today we share websites, too. Here, I hope you may find something particularly suited to finding yourself...

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Ocean foam erasing the word Stress in sand


Stress damage becomes obvious when it affects our health, our relationships or our leadership decisions. Stress resilience is recovered through self-awareness and learning new ways to respond to stress from the inside out.

Three small birds on a branch, arguing


Sometimes, we are surprised at the emergence of conflict. In this pandemic environment, a difference in regard for safe practices and ethical conduct can feel like betrayal. Important relationships, as well as personal safety, are threatened.

Empty wooden park bench in autumn illustrating loss


Every day of this pandemic, we have lived with the loss of safety. On any particular day, each of us may be poignantly aware of another loss — a person, a community, health, work, income, time, opportunity.

Wooden walkway through tall grass to sky


There is a difference between change and transition. Change is what appears on the outside of our life, a  change of address perhaps. Transition is what we experience on the inside. 

Caffe latte with heart in white cup on table


When we still our mind, listen to our heart, and allow intuition to guide us, it is possible to find a wisdom and love to nourish our spirits through difficult times. “When you take the time to draw on your

Daily Life

Daily Life

Each day, we begin again to live our values and purpose in our relationships and activities. Then, we are affected by unfolding events in the world around us and our day gets complicated. 

Take heart.

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