We live and lead in an extraordinary time. Coaching provides accompaniment and resources.


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The coaching relationship provides a resourceful partnership which assists us to explore and tend areas of our life or leadership we wish to change or grow. There are many starting points for coaching. In these extraordinary times, your goal may...

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We don’t have to do this alone. Sharing books which have inspired and informed has long been one of life’s great pleasures. And today we share websites, too. Here, I hope you may find something particularly suited to finding yourself...

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Daily Life

Daily Life

Each day, we begin again to live our values and purpose in our relationships and activities. Then, we are affected by unfolding events in the world around us and our day gets complicated. 

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Stress damage becomes obvious when it affects our health, our relationships, or our leadership decisions. Stress resilience is recovered through self-awareness and learning new ways to respond to stress from the inside out.

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Through 3 years of pandemic, we lived with loss. On any given day, each of us may be poignantly aware of a particular loss — a person, a community, health, work, income, time, opportunity, safety.

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There is a difference between change and transition. Change is what appears on the outside of our life, a change of address perhaps. Transition is what we experience on the inside.

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When we still our mind, listen to our heart, and allow intuition to guide us, it is possible to find a wisdom and love to nourish our spirits through difficult times. “When you take the time to draw on your

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Sometimes, a birthday or a significant loss brings us to a sudden awareness of age and of the passage of time. This can be unnerving until we adjust our focus to the panorama of our life. What is your story?

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Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is a way of life characterized by a commitment to personal awareness, service to others, and leadership which empowers an enlarging circle of compassion. In his definitive essay “The Servant as Leader”, Robert Greenleaf writes: “The servant-leader is

Servant Leadership and the Church

Servant Leadership and the Church

Clergy and lay leaders, experiencing both too much and too little change, are searching for ways to understand their role, nurture their community, and take care of their personal well-being. In this extraordinary time, you may be among leaders who

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Three Resources

The BOOKS page includes all the titles listed on the topic pages under Coaching, and more. The GRIEF RECOVERY page offers information on personal coaching, as well as the Grief Recovery Method Program, in response to the many kinds of loss we are experiencing. The WEB LINKS page shares some of my favourite sources of wisdom and community. Click on each image for details.

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